5 Tips for Minimizing Tenant Disruption During Multifamily Construction

Undergoing a renovation at your multifamily property can have several advantages, however, one risk is making tenants uncomfortable during the process. As a property owner, you’ll want to minimize the disruptions on the property and keep your tenants safe throughout the process. To ensure construction disruption is kept to a minimum, here are 5 expert tips to minimize disturbances and keep your tenants happily satisfied for years to come. 

Tip #1: Create An Action Plan Ahead of Time

Proper planning is essential for reducing the impacts of construction on tenants. Creating a plan ahead of time that outlines the days, times, and locations of the planned construction can help keep tenants informed of what to expect. It can also help them arrange their days to either avoid or work around the upcoming construction. Make sure to have plans in place for any unexpected occurrences as well, such as a water line being hit and tenants losing water. 

Tip #2: Communicate Directly With Tenants

Generate a letter to your tenants that details the action plan and also what tenants can expect from the construction. Keep it positive in tone and highlight the benefits of the outcome despite the temporary disruption. Ensure to notify tenants via email, posted signs in the office, and letters on their doors. 

Tip #3: Be Respectful and Considerate

Show tenants respect and consideration when conducting construction in your multifamily property. This includes abiding by the action plan, restricting access to construction areas during work hours, and conducting construction clean-up on a regular basis. Additionally, if you’ll be working close to parking areas, let tenants know ahead of time so they can move their vehicles to ensure no damage occurs. 

Tip #4: Provide Alternative Amenities

One of the biggest issues tenants have with construction is how it will affect them on a daily basis. If you have a tenant who uses your gym every day and it will soon be under construction, consider setting up the equipment in an alternative area or partnering with a nearby gym for a free membership. If renovations will be on their unit, ensure you have an alternative place for them to stay during the day such as a demo unit or a hotel. Take into account if they have small children or pets as well. Ensuring you provide suitable amenities that they can utilize during construction will keep them happier during the process and they’ll be highly appreciative.

Tip #5: Put Safety First

Last but certainly not least is to put the tenants’ safety first. Providing a safe, secure environment for tenants should be a priority during multifamily construction. This includes keeping tenants updated on any safety hazards and ensuring proper wall and ceiling sealing both during and after construction. It also includes easy-to-understand signage that defines where the construction zones are and when they will be unavailable. 

Construction can be disruptive for both tenants and owners of multifamily housing. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate all tenant disruption resulting from multifamily construction, these five tips can successfully help property owners navigate the multifamily construction process with minimal disruption to tenants. Reach out to us today to set up a call to get started on your multifamily construction needs and we’ll be happy to partner with you. 

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