Austin: Leasing Office & Interior Renovations for the Best First Impression

When a prospective tenant comes to a new property, they are instantly greeted by the leasing office – and they take in every visual detail. This building gives them the first impression of the quality of the entire complex. If they arrive and are met with an old and outdated office that has peeling paint, and lacks amenities or worse, they are likely going to leave without signing a lease.

Newly Renovated Multifamily Leasing Office

Renovating and updating your leasing office can provide added value to your entire property. It will also attract new residents, keep current ones there for longer, and potentially give you the ability toincrease unit rates.

Attract New Residents with Leasing Office Renovations

A well-designed and renovated leasing office can create a positive first impression and help prospective residents feel confident about renting your property. An updated, modern, and professional-looking office helps portray a sense of quality and attention to detail, indicating that the property owners take pride in their community and cares about the experience of the tenants.

The leasing office allows the prospective resident to determine that you’ve invested in your leasing office, thus you’ll likely invest in the happiness of your residents and the quality of their living space too. Overall, investing in leasing office renovations can pay off in the long run by attracting new residents and creating a more desirable and competitive rental property. 

Increase Property Value with Interior Renovations

If the entry into the leasing office is the first step – then the appeal of the remodel is what completely seals the deal for a new resident while simultaneously creating the best method for increasing the property’s value. 

As the prospective new resident browses the newly renovated model unit that features brand new floors, updated lighting, redesigned unit layouts, and new cabinets & countertops – they see a move-in ready home. The feeling of a move-in ready & high-end home versus an outdated apartment sets you apart from the rest and is one of our team’s greatest strengths at Gage Multifamily Services.

Our goal is to help your property appreciate in value to meet the needs of trendy renters while also ensuring each unit is up to code and, very importantly, electrical, plumbing & HVAC systems are updated along the way. 

It’s no secret that a well-maintained and cared-for property can be a big selling point for prospective tenants. From the moment they step into an office, through the apartment tour, and finalize a signed lease, you’ll want to wow them every step of the way and keep them signing the lease year after year. When they know an owner cares about the property, they also know that they will be well cared for, should any issues arise. Not only does this assist your complex in renting out to full capacity, but it’ll also help you generate more revenue by increasing your property value after renovations. To see how Gage Multifamily Services can help you with a leasing office renovation, check out our portfolio to see how we elevated other leasing offices and make sure to contact us today.

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