Fire Damage Restoration | What to Expect

When fires happen, they can cause an intense amount of stress, regardless of the extent of the damage to the property. Damage can spread across multiple units and affect the lives of multiple families. Restoring a multifamily complex after a fire requires a comprehensive approach that involves multiple steps to ensure the displaced families return to their homes to help ensure it seems as if nothing ever happened. Often, many are left wondering what these steps are and how long restoration will take. We’ve taken some guesswork out of that and detailed it below to help put your mind at ease and know what to expect after a fire happens. 

Fire Damage Repair by Gage Commercial Construction

Assessment & Planning

The first step is assessing the damage to the property and forming an appropriate plan to determine the severity of the damage and what to expect in the restoration. Creating a plan during the damage assessment allows for a clear and concise understanding of what needs to occur for the construction to begin after cleanup.


After thoroughly assessing the damage to the property and having a solid plan on what to do next, cleanup is crucial to get things back to normal. Having a restoration team safely remove any debris, along with sealing off any roof damage, and making sure the undamaged parts of the property are protected and appropriately removed, is essential. Cleaning smoke or water from a home’s interior can be the most intensive part of the process due to the easy transfer of soot and further spreading water damage. That’s why having a reliable and professional restoration team for this process will ensure the cleanup process goes as smoothly as possible.

Construction & Restoration

After the cleanup and remediation, construction and restoration will begin. This might include structural supports, roofing, and even electric or plumbing. Appliances and fixtures will likely need to be replaced. After the restoration is complete, the units will need to be inspected before tenants can move back in.

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Fires can be devastating, and restoration can be challenging, but there is a small silver lining that can happen during this process. When you’re faced with restoring a fire-damaged property, it is also a perfect time to upgrade the affected units. Swapping out countertops to a more excellent material, using stainless appliances, and updating the flooring are all items that can amplify a unit for current and future residents. It’ll allow you to give residents something new and fresh to return to that’ll keep them wanting to renew another year or increase the property’s value.

As you can see, restoring a multifamily complex after a fire is a complex process – and a dangerous one at that, yet there are also opportunities for upgrades. Working with a professional fire damage restoration company, like Gage Multifamily Services, is essential to ensure the property is safely and correctly restored. We can help you navigate this often lengthy process with ease and get your multifamily property back to move-in-ready condition. Contact our team of professionals today.

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