Updating Outdoor Amenities In Time For Austin’s Summer

Summer is just a season away, the perfect time to get your outdoor amenities prepped for the Texas heat! Creating an environment where guests can enjoy and be comfortable outdoors is the best way to get “cool” points during the hot Texas summers. If you’re beginning to feel the weight of outdated exteriors as the season draws near, you aren’t alone. The big question is, which outdoor amenities should you update for Summer this year to keep residents happy and attract new residents?

A swimming pool and lounge area renovated by Gage Commercial ConstructionA stunning swimming pool adds a wow factor that increases your value.

Pools & Grilling Stations

If you noticed that pool usage was low last year, right now is the perfect time to create a fresh new space for residents to enjoy. Having a modern and updated pool with resort-style seating and dedicated grilling areas provides residents with the perfect space to hang out with friends and family. Including a large gas grill will keep your BBQ fans happy and keep your residents cool by adding a custom pergola to provide shade.  

A fully-designed pool area can not only attract new residents during a tour, but it will always keep an existing resident yearning for summer year after year when it’s time to enjoy the oasis that‘s just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Grill and outdoor lounge designed by Gage Commercial ConstructionOutdoor spaces such as courtyards, grilling areas, and other green spaces make residents feel at home.

Rooftop Terrace & Courtyards

Many apartment dwellers look for social amenities at home rather than going out. An outdoor seating area is a perfect place to unwind and sip cocktails while getting to know the neighbors. Updating your rooftop terrace or courtyard benefits both you and your residents, firstly by creating an attractive outdoor space for them to relax and socialize. Additionally, a well-designed and well-appointed outdoor living area can benefit you by increasing rentals and property value and setting your property apart from competitors. Touches such as covered seating, water features, and even a bar or grill area make public spaces more appealing for socializing. Overall, updating a rooftop terrace, courtyard, or other outdoor spaces can be a worthwhile investment that can enhance the living experience for residents and provide long-term financial benefits for property owners.

A playground renovated by Gage Commercial ConstructionCreating safe, enjoyable spaces for children can draw families to your property.


As summer approaches, it’s important to ensure that playgrounds in multifamily living are up-to-date and safe for children to play on. Playground equipment can undergo wear and tear over time, so regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to prevent any accidents or injuries. Also, updating the playground with new and exciting equipment will leave a lasting impression on your residents and keep children having fun during the summertime. By prioritizing playground maintenance and updates, multifamily communities can create a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play and create lasting summer memories while attracting prospective residents.   

There are so many great options for updating a property for summer. The demographics of your core renters may guide your decision on which amenity you’ll want to update first. If you have a large family demographic, you may want to begin with playgrounds and/or pools. If you have a demographic with more working professionals, a rooftop terrace or courtyard would be the perfect place to start.

When you’re gearing up to make these updates, you’ll want to ensure that a team of local professionals provides outstanding project management and communication throughout the entire project – contact us to discuss details and how we can get your property ready for the summer!

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